Bra Fitting

At ‘Cherche la femme’ we are passionate about the perfect fit. We want you to feel confident in your bra and be assured that you are getting the best support for your bust. A bra that does not fit is uncomfortable, will not support you and can result in lasting pain.​
Your body changes shape over the years, so it is important to get fitted on a regular basis. Wearing the correct size bra will not only make you feel more comfortable, but it will also enhance your appearance and your confidence, so here are a few pointers

1) Always wear your bra on the loosest hook

2) The underband should be snug but not uncomfortably tight

3) The underband should be even all the way round the body, not riding up on the back

4) Your breast should fit into each cup within the wire casing

5) Your breasts should fill the cups without bulging over the top or ‘double-busting’

6) The centre front should lay flat and separate your breasts

7) The straps should be adjusted to between the shoulder and the elbow

8) Always put your outer clothing on top of the bra to see your new shape. Wearing the correct    ​
size bra is not only important, it enhances your outerwear also​

Using a tape measure will only give a general indication as to what size you actually are. Fitting a bra in-store with a professional fitter, is a sure fire way of getting the perfect fit, – And at ‘Cherche la femme’ we provide this service free to all our customers.​
For your convenience here is a measuring table for you to reference, leave an unpadded bra on when measuring​

A) Under bust Measurement: Placing the tape around the back and under the bust line take your measurement in inches. This gives your back size​:
25-26 in=28   back bra                   31-32 in=34   back bra                      37-38 in=40   back bra       ​
27-28 in=30   back bra                   33-34 in=36   back bra                      39-40 in=42   back bra  ​

29-30 in=32   back bra                   35-36 in=38   back bra                      41-42 in=44   back bra​

B) Cup size: Placing the tape around the back and over the bust, measure in inches, then subtract the under bust measurement from this number i.e. subtract A from B. Each inch represents a cup size​

1 inch  A cup                    5 inch  DD cup                                                                      ​
2 inch  B cup                    6 inch  E cup​
3 inch  C cup                    7 inch  F cup​
4 inch  D cup                    8 inch  FF cup

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